the SACS air oil cooled house

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the SACS air oil cooled house

suzuki GSX-R from 1985 to 2000 from sacs to srad

    that s incredible


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    that s incredible

    Post by ghostrider.1127 on Wed 23 Feb 2011, 16:26

    "Started this a long, long time ago and intended to build it as my own 'bike at the time, but sold the real one before I could finish the model! The main frame section was machined from a piece of tooling-block with plastic strip sub-frame bits. Various bits like the discs, fork yokes, fork bottoms, rear shock body and the rising-rate suspension linkage were cast in resin. Fork legs were turned from aluminium, rear sprocket was from a 1/6 racing bicycle (push bike) kit and the stearing damper is a piece of tube with a sewing needle through the middle. Swing arm and wheels were modified Tamiya parts, cannot remember which kit they are from though (I think they may of been a Honda kit) as were the brake calipers.

    Would really like to finish this tell the truth! Real one looked lovely in blue and white."

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